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Project Management, Staging and Testing

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There’s little more frustrating than having a vendor on-site fighting basic problems in organization and overlooked details.  It can happen to the best of companies, but it’s frustrating nonetheless. And it’s greatly avoidable.

We avoid installation frustrations by putting in the work necessary for success before we arrive. Each system we sell and install is treated with the same level of professionalism and care.  From formal hand-off meetings between account management and engineering, design reviews, interdepartmental project management, satisfaction surveys, and post installation critiques, we have systems in place to get things right the first time.

Staging is an integral part of getting things right. We stage each installation to make sure cables, interfaces, configurations, and functionality exist and work as expected.  Being careful to review each item in detail, staging cuts down on time spent onsite and effectively eliminates all surprises in mis-shipments or overlooked items.

The attention we give to planning, staging, pre-testing and overall  managing installations results in efficient implementations that don’t inadvertently hinder your operations.

Please contact us today to discuss your unique environment and learn how our sophisticated, but easy to use AV solutions can benefit your organization.

Professional Installation with Attention to Detail

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Design, engineering, and project management set the stage for a successful installation, but craftsmanship and attention to detail showcase the implementation.

And while there is a lot of skill involved in making things perfect, the fact of the matter is you have to care to get it right. When you care about the people you work with and for, there’s a sense of pride in your work that shows.  That pride can be seen in the work we do.

Whether it’s making sure everything is aligned, taking care in how cables are run, making sure fixtures are balanced, or simply cleaning up a the end of the day, we treat every installation as though it were our own. We don’t cut corners or spare any effort to make it right or do the right thing.

We love customers who are particular about the way they want things — we are too.

Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and learn how your organization can immediately benefit from the tailor made AV solutions we provide. Let us show you what taking care of every detail can mean to you.

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AV Solutions has the unique ability to match creative solutions with practicality. Their work is always quality and they stand behind everything they do.

~ Matthew Griffin, Lamar Advertising

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    AV Solutions is very customer service oriented and a great partner for us in the AV space. ~ Paul Plauche’, Turner Industries Group, L.L.C.