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Meet the Core Team

Meet the AV Solutions Team

 Matt Slack | President

AV Solutions’ founder and AV/Video-Conferencing expert. AV Solutions is the first of many opportunities Matt is developing, each dedicated to improving lives through technology. Matt & his wife Leigh celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2009, and actively raise their three children, niece and nephew, along with their cat & future dog (but don’t tell the kids ;-).

@mattcslack //  //  225.326.3832 ext. 158


Lindsey Roussel | Sales

Responsible for outside sales development, growth and total client satisfaction. Lindsey connects with clients and communicates the value and elements of AV Solutions products and services clearly & simply. Lindsey and her husband recently celebrated the birth of their first baby, a beautiful girl. 

//  225.326.3832 ext. 156  



Porter Snoddy | Project Engineer

When he’s not riding an elephant in the Indian Jungle or skydiving, Porter delivers the ‘easy-to-use’ for our clients through his programming/development, and testing/tuning final operation of AV Solutions systems. His responsibility is to ensure every client’s total satisfaction with the operation of every product we deliver.

225.326.3832 ext. 117




Jay Naquin | Field Manager Jay delivers and manages the installation of AV Solutions projects and service work. His clock-work dependability provides the oversight and tracking of installation resources necessary to ensure clients total satisfaction. You’re likely to see his brilliant, consistent smile & unshakably positive attitude when he arrives at your site. @jaynaquin //  //  225.326.3832 ext. 115   John Tillman | Field Manager If he’s not leading worship or recording in a studio session you’ll find John blazing out top-quality solutions to tricky problems and installing custom solutions for our clients. John’s brilliant hands-on approach to technical challenges and clients earns him regular accolades from our highly regarded clientele. @iamjohntillman //  225.326.3832 ext. 118   Liz Shenefelt | Administrator Liz is an amazing and highly organized multi-tasker who maintains the glue which holds the AV Solutions team tightly together. Her organizational chops keep us running smooth and help us better focus on meeting your needs. A mother of 2 school-aged children, Sunday school teacher, and United Methodist Women circle member, she enjoys discovering her inner creativity between takes, while other folk are recouperating. 225.326.3832 ext. 154  

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AV Solutions is very customer service oriented and a great partner for us in the AV space. ~ Paul Plauche’, Turner Industries Group, L.L.C.