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Is your AV and video conference solution future proof?

Future proofing is a process of anticipating future use and technology developments. Future proofing is important because it serves as a form of investment protection.  Future proof systems evolve as user habits, industry trends, and new opportunities present themselves.

The simple concept of future proofing can be applied to most tools of business, from the choice of which CRM you use to which health insurance provider you partner with to provide employee benefits. Making the wrong decision can lead to substantial loss of time, energy, effort, money, and opportunity.

The same applies to your choice of an audio visual or video conferencing equipment, system, and solution. The wrong choice can be costly.

At AV Solutions, we build future proofing into our design and engineering process, considering the basic range of functionality a system needs to provide today, while cost-consciously considering likely use tomorrow.  What results is an audio visual or video conferencing solution with a longer life-cycle than most competing solutions, which can lead to a lower cost of ownership over time.

An interesting thing about future proofing is it often doesn’t cost anything more than less future-rich solutions — it’s as much a way of doing business and consciously packaging functionality as anything else.

The reason I’m mentioning this is as a reminder to us all — we need to evaluate the tools, systems and solutions we invest in for their ability to serve our needs today and the likely needs we’ll require well into the future.  It’s just smart decision making.

What are your thoughts and experiences regarding future proofing a business? Any tips to share?

AV Presentation Rooms

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AV Presentation RoomPerfect for education and enterprise organizations alike, we have ideal presentation systems to accommodate a large number of participants. Taking into consideration critical items such as least favored viewer, speaker and microphone zone coverage, and display size, our tailor-made audio visual presentation room solutions help education, business, and governmental communicators clearly present to audiences with advanced, but easy to use audio and visual tools.

We consciously eliminated all the technology distractions and frustration often associated with presenting to small and large audiences. By simplifying the use of advanced systems through things such as one-touch panels and customized controls, we make it possible to plug-n-play; letting you focus on what’s most important — communicating with your participants, constituents or students.

Contact us today to discuss your particular needs and learn how your organization can immediately benefit from the tailor made AV presentation rooms we provide.

AV Solutions is very customer service oriented and a great partner for us in the AV space. ~ Paul Plauche’, Turner Industries Group, L.L.C.