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Least Favored Viewer

AV Presentation RoomEveryone in the meeting or conference is important. Each participant is valuable. But one class of attendee deserves more consider than others when designing an AV or video conferencing solution — the least favored viewer.

The least favored viewer is the person(s) in the room with the least desirable seat for viewing and hearing the presentation.  Least desirable doesn’t mean it’s an obstructed view, it simply means it’s the seat with the least direct view of the presentation screen or monitor.

The reason the least favored viewer is important is because it drives many of the room design and layout considerations.  You don’t want a room with a number of seats whereby the presentation, meeting or discussion is limited by a number of people unable to see or hear well enough to participate or equally understand the conversation.

There are a few things to consider regarding the least favored viewer, with influences from other design elements.  For example: The size and technology of the screen or monitor are key considerations of dealing with the least favored viewer, with influences ranging from required media aspect ratios to physical ceiling height and ambient lighting.

Audio is another consideration with design issues ranging from feedback to delay, with influences such as acoustic construction and room design.

To be sure, the least favored viewer is important to consider. Successful communication is based on everyone in the room being able to understand and participate in the information being discussed. Taking into consideration the least favored viewer, designing them into the room, assures you reach the entirety of your audience, equally impacting each participant with your video and audio presentation.

Is your AV and video conference solution future proof?

Future proofing is a process of anticipating future use and technology developments. Future proofing is important because it serves as a form of investment protection.  Future proof systems evolve as user habits, industry trends, and new opportunities present themselves.

The simple concept of future proofing can be applied to most tools of business, from the choice of which CRM you use to which health insurance provider you partner with to provide employee benefits. Making the wrong decision can lead to substantial loss of time, energy, effort, money, and opportunity.

The same applies to your choice of an audio visual or video conferencing equipment, system, and solution. The wrong choice can be costly.

At AV Solutions, we build future proofing into our design and engineering process, considering the basic range of functionality a system needs to provide today, while cost-consciously considering likely use tomorrow.  What results is an audio visual or video conferencing solution with a longer life-cycle than most competing solutions, which can lead to a lower cost of ownership over time.

An interesting thing about future proofing is it often doesn’t cost anything more than less future-rich solutions — it’s as much a way of doing business and consciously packaging functionality as anything else.

The reason I’m mentioning this is as a reminder to us all — we need to evaluate the tools, systems and solutions we invest in for their ability to serve our needs today and the likely needs we’ll require well into the future.  It’s just smart decision making.

What are your thoughts and experiences regarding future proofing a business? Any tips to share?

Technology Distrations in Audio Visual Solutions

I remember it as thought it were yesterday.

A the time I was working for a technology company and about 10 slides into an important presentation, presenting to a potential business partner with hope of entering into a relationship to open a new market. Everything was going well, until I happened to push the wrong button on the presentation control panel – the screen unexpectedly went dark. Twenty minutes later, following a break to allow IT staff an opportunity to reset the system, we resumed with handouts.

The audio visual system I was using for the presentation never recovered.

It was frustrating beyond belief. How could pushing one button cause such a delay and potentially negatively impact our business? Although it was years ago, it’s still frustrates me to recall how embarrassing it was to me and my company.

Talk to anyone who has worked with conference room audio visual systems of any scope and they’ll recall a similar event – something freezes or is mis-touched and the room comes to a screeching halt.

With events such as these in mind, AV Solutions innovated easy to use interface panels and controls to the audio visual and video conference systems we provide to eliminate the common technology distractions caused by multiple remote controls, unintuitive user interfaces and confusing control panel layouts. In fact, we’ve joked around the office that we provide such fool-proof solutions you can’t even intentionally destroy them by randomly pushing buttons or trying to confuse the system.

The AV solutions you use should be invisible in terms of interrupting the flow of a meeting or drawing attention to itself as a result of being difficult to use. Both the presenter and participant should be focused on the content of the presentation and oblivious to everything that makes presenting it possible. That’s something we all should expect and a guiding thought we use to continue innovations in AV system design.

What do you think?  What are the biggest technology distractions you’ve noticed in either presenting or participating in a meeting or conference room?  Any horror stories to share?

The Easiest to Use AV Solutions Available

Easy to Use One-Touch AV PanelThere are few things in our professional lives more frustrating than delaying a meeting or presentation because you can’t get the projector or video display to work properly.   And it never happens at a good time.

The worse of times is when an important client sits there while you fiddle with settings, power-off and and power-on equipment, and wait on technical staff to arrive.  It makes a bad impression and often slows what otherwise was a well paced and productive day.

We’ve all been there, yet it’s such an avoidable and unnecessary occurrence. Advanced technology systems can be easy to use — we innovated such ease of use and engineer it into each system we provide.

We provide a customized control interface that lets you push one button, sometimes none, to automatically turn-on a projector or monitor, roll down a screen or automatically display your selected video source.  Optionally, one-touch can adjust lighting, volume, shades, and other environmental factors.  Sensors can interpret how the room is being used and initiate pre-configured settings and functions desired for the particular environment.

That’s easy to use.

Please contact us today to discuss your unique situation and learn how our easy to use AV solutions can benefit your organization and make your life a little more hassle-free.

Advanced Design and Engineering

Image for Advanced Design and Engineering

Advanced Audio Visual Design and EngineeringThe perfect AV solution is the one that best meets your unique needs. And there’s a lot that goes into designing and engineering that perfect solution.

With years of experience and numerous satisfied customers, we analyze your unique environment considering things such as least favored viewer, ambient lighting, and physical room size to make qualified engineering decisions such as microphone and speaker zones, display size and format, and projector brightness to create a future proof design that best meets your needs.

Future-proofing is a key engineering concept that not only takes into consideration the way you will use a system today, but how you are likely to use it as your organization and technology continue to evolve. Future-proofing is a form of investment protection we engineer into every design.

Another key design and engineering concept we employ is easy of use.  Easy to use means your staff doesn’t require extensive training or user experience to take advantage of the advanced features and functionality of the modern AV systems we provide.  We’ve eliminated the technology distractions common in our industry that often hinder use and user adoption.

Contact us today to discuss your unique environment and learn how our sophisticated, but easy to use AV solutions can benefit your organization.

AV Solutions is very customer service oriented and a great partner for us in the AV space. ~ Paul Plauche’, Turner Industries Group, L.L.C.