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    Technology Distrations in Audio Visual Solutions

    I remember it as thought it were yesterday.

    A the time I was working for a technology company and about 10 slides into an important presentation, presenting to a potential business partner with hope of entering into a relationship to open a new market. Everything was going well, until I happened to push the wrong button on the presentation control panel – the screen unexpectedly went dark. Twenty minutes later, following a break to allow IT staff an opportunity to reset the system, we resumed with handouts.

    The audio visual system I was using for the presentation never recovered.

    It was frustrating beyond belief. How could pushing one button cause such a delay and potentially negatively impact our business? Although it was years ago, it’s still frustrates me to recall how embarrassing it was to me and my company.

    Talk to anyone who has worked with conference room audio visual systems of any scope and they’ll recall a similar event – something freezes or is mis-touched and the room comes to a screeching halt.

    With events such as these in mind, AV Solutions innovated easy to use interface panels and controls to the audio visual and video conference systems we provide to eliminate the common technology distractions caused by multiple remote controls, unintuitive user interfaces and confusing control panel layouts. In fact, we’ve joked around the office that we provide such fool-proof solutions you can’t even intentionally destroy them by randomly pushing buttons or trying to confuse the system.

    The AV solutions you use should be invisible in terms of interrupting the flow of a meeting or drawing attention to itself as a result of being difficult to use. Both the presenter and participant should be focused on the content of the presentation and oblivious to everything that makes presenting it possible. That’s something we all should expect and a guiding thought we use to continue innovations in AV system design.

    What do you think?  What are the biggest technology distractions you’ve noticed in either presenting or participating in a meeting or conference room?  Any horror stories to share?

    AV Solutions is very customer service oriented and a great partner for us in the AV space. ~ Paul Plauche’, Turner Industries Group, L.L.C.